Like some of you, I’m a Wife, Mom and Mimi.  I’m also a recovering addict.  That plays a large part of how I also have an addiction to certain foods.  For all of my adult life I have had struggles with some sort of addiction.  It took me a long time to put myself first and realize that I was worth the work it was going to take.  I’ve been sober 29+ years now and I have taken off 70+ lbs and kept it off.   The part that seems strange, is that the food addiction was harder than the drugs and alcohol.  That’s because food is required to live and its all around us.  I’ve been a group fitness instructor, taken college classes on Nutrition and many online classes along with countless books I’ve read.


Now I want to work with you.  I want you to realize that you are worth the effort.  You tell me that you want to make sure you don’t end up on medication.  You tell me that you want to be able to get on the floor and play with your kids. You tell me that you want to enjoy your life and have energy and good health.  Im telling YOU that you are worth all of that and more.  I want to teach you what I have learned, teach you how I was able to do it and teach you how to make you feel like you are worthy of a beautiful life.

In return for you joining me, I will provide you with daily accountability, meal plans, fitness programs, motivation, guidance, support and so much more.

Please complete the form below if you are willing to commit to a change.  I would love the opportunity to help you help yourself.

Check out what some of my clients have to say….

"I just wanted to take a minute to say "thank you" to you for being an inspiration! Your motivation and videos have once again allowed me to realize, I am worth the work a dedication! As a result I am focusing on my health in the gym! In addition to my daily dose of Shakeology"


"I began my journey with the help of Eileen Clark in May 2015. She has been such an inspiration with all of her challenge groups on Facebook, blogs and tips. At a time when I was just about to give up on my health is when I found this amazing motivator on Facebook and it turned out we did not live that far from each other. I still love to participate in her group and challenges she got going. It was still keeps me motivated to exercise and drink Shakeology on a daily basis. Thanks such much for giving me a greater outlook on life. I have lost 45 lbs. and plan on keeping it off thanks to her help with my lifestyle change."

Lisa M

"I have been working with Eileen for over a year now and have lost over 30 lbs. The accountability in her private groups is really what has been the biggest help. She is not afraid to tell you as she sees it and even reached out to me when she had not seen any activity from me in the group. My family is not supportive of my lifestyle change so it was has been extremely helpful to have the support of Eileen and the other ladies in the group. Sharing success stories and recipes is so helpful. Thank you Eileen for your guidance, support and concern that you show for all of us."

Amy P