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Running a 5K? What to Have on Hand!

Running a 5k race usually starts earlier in the day. Are you prepared for the after the race?

What do you take with you to celebrate? Packing a bag will ease the stress of the day and eliminate you walking around in your race clothes.

Here are the top things to have with you:

A camera or phone that takes photos

This may be the obvious one for everyone. Don’t miss those race smiles at the end!

A Towel

Some people run with a small towel. Bring an extra one for yourself to clean up.

Bring a full change of clothes

Remember you probably won’t have the opportunity to shower so grabbing your deodorant and some perfume or body spray also. You will want to change.

Clean socks and shoes

Changing clothes includes changing out of your footwear. Be sure you get out of those race shoes.

Two bags

It is a good idea to have a bag for your dirty clothes. Be sure to include a bag for your shoes.

Baby Wipes & Facial Wipes

Bring some clean wipes to freshen up. Consider this your quick fix to no shower.

Water Bottle

Many races have water bottles or other beverages, but it is better to be sure that you have a spare bottle for yourself.

Healthy Snack

Be sure to have a recovery snack that is a protein/carb combo. Kind Bars, Larabar Bars, or Quest Bars are excellent for post-race eating.


Be sure you have some money for that race shirt or other merchandise. Sometimes the events have food tents, or there may also be vendors at the event. Visit them for information and possible free giveaways.

Have fun at your event and be prepared by having your bag packed ahead of time so you can celebrate completing your race.

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